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Renewable Energies

worker installing solar panels on roof

We already switched over – right across Germany: Since the beginning of 2016 all our German facilities have been powered by green electricity from renewable sources. Our Tres Cantos plant in Spain has already been using green electricity since 2014.

As part of our plan to reach our new climate target, we intend to cover 100 % of our electricity requirement worldwide with power from renewable sources by 2020. Over the course of 2017, together with our production centers we will be evaluating how we can most effectively cover their power requirements with electricity from renewable sources.

What’s more, several of our locations around the world are already partly powered by their own photovoltaic generation systems, thus supplying a significant percentage of onsite power requirements through renewable energies. In 2016 we generated 324 MWh of climate-neutral energy this way at our worldwide facilities, equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 70 average German four-person households.

Planet Solartube

Our renewables effort is complemented by another innovative concept which is helping us lower our electricity consumption and save energy at several locations: Solar tubes. This beautifully simple yet innovative system uses only natural daylight to illuminate some of our warehouses around the world. Prismatic domes on the roof of the respective facility capture daylight; this is then channeled through highly reflective tubes to the interior of the warehouse, where diffusor disks distribute the light inside the various warehouse spaces.