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Long-term cooperation with trustworthy partners

The cooperation between NIVEA Germany and the "German Life Saving Association" (DLRG) has already existed for over 50 years. Children’s safety in and around water is at the heart of this partnership. This cooperation has been continually developed through joint projects such as the "Kindergarten Days" and the “Strandfesttour“ (Beach Festival Tour).

The initiative “Seepferdchen (Sea Horses) for Everyone – Learn to Swim with NIVEA” was a focus area in 2016 (“Seepferdchen” is a German children's swim certificate). Various approaches were used to draw attention to the fact that only every second child in Germany under the age of ten knows how to swim safely. These approaches included the movie “Beste Freunde“ (Best Friends, only available in German) and the annual CSR campaign. In 2016, €1 was donated to the DLRG for every purchase of a NIVEA product and the customer received an original “Sea Horse Hero Cape”. As a result, over €500,000 was donated to the DLRG swim instructor training program.