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Long-term cooperation with trustworthy partners

NIVEA and the German Life Saving Association (DLRG) have pursued a close and trusting cooperation for over 50 years. At its heart are a range of colorful, informative campaigns that raise children’s and adults’ awareness of the risks of beach activities as well as exposure to the sun. This approach contributes to responsible action, greater safety and quality of life for everyone at the beach. The cooperation’s goals are to raise awareness, clarify, educate and protect.

The “Kindergarten Days” have a long and very successful track record. For some 20 years now, DLRG lifeguards have toured German kindergartens with their mascot “Nobbi”, using role-plays, a puppet show and picture books to show the toddlers how to act safely when swimming and in the sun – around 2,200 times every year.

A further cooperation highlight is the “Beach Festival Tour”, where NIVEA and the DLRG stage a big party for the whole family at over 40 seaside resorts on Germany’s North Sea and Baltic coasts. The numerous join-in activities for young and old not only ensure everyone has plenty of fun, they also transmit key knowledge about swimming and sunbathing safety in a playful way.

NIVEA and the DLRG have additionally developed the “Childfinder” bracelet: The little ones receive a free numbered bracelet at the lifeguard stations, who note the parents’ beach chair and cellphone numbers. If a kid gets lost this means the station can locate the parents quickly and easily, even on a busy beach.

To help as many children as possible learn to swim by the end of primary school, together with the DLRG NIVEA launched the campaign “A Seahorse for Everyone – Learn to Swim with NIVEA” in 2006. This project provides teachers with free training to help their young pupils learn to swim. The campaign is very successful, as the number of teachers applying to become swimming instructors greatly exceeds the 400 course places every year.

Furthermore, in 1989 NIVEA and the DLRG created the NIVEA Lifeguard Award. This is presented every year to those who have saved lives in the water and for voluntary engagement in this area, in recognition of courage and a strong commitment to the good of society.