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Team day for a good cause

Employees spending day gardening

For a long time now, many of our departments at Beiersdorf have made time once a year for teambuilding events. Employees leave the office for a whole working day to experience something special together as a team, and our colleagues are using these team days more and more often to make a joint contribution to a good cause.

In May 2015 one of our teams joined forces with the local association “Hände für Kinder” (“A Helping Hand for Kids”) in setting up a touch-guided walkway for handicapped people. Together they built a wall and planted a garden so that also handicapped people in wheelchairs can now feel their way along the specially designed pathway through the differing areas. And this is just one of many examples! Also in 2015, no less than 25 of our teams came together to set up a community team day with Beiersdorf’s support. At our Hamburg location we work with around ten local Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs). Here we not only provide support in the form of financial or item donations, or by releasing employees during worktime – we also set up workshops and other events through which we offer our partners advice and practical help, based on our specialist knowledge. Furthermore, we collaborate locally with the charitable foundation “Gute-Tat” (“Doing Good”), which is dedicated to supporting smaller and medium-sized aid projects.

At the end of the day there are always four winners! Our team members have fun making their contribution to local social causes and people in need, and come closer together through this; the respective target groups of our partner organizations benefit from our commitment; the NPOs are able to meet their needs with our support; and we as a company benefit through proactively integrating our employees in our commitment to society.