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The Beiersdorf “Lucky Cent” initiative

Glückscent Aktion 2017

We can change a lot for the better – even with small gestures! This is the realization driving the "Lucky Cent" initiative. An employee at Beiersdorf Manufacturing Hamburg (BMH) launched this project at the plant in 2012, and since July 2014 employees right across Beiersdorf AG have also taken this wonderfully simple opportunity to give a little happiness. They voluntarily donate just the net cent amount of their monthly salary, and at a maximum of 99 cents after the decimal point an individual's total annual donation is limited to only €11.88. Barely noticeable in your own wallet – but the more employees that participate, the larger the total. Even better, the overall employee donation is doubled by Beiersdorf AG after twelve months. Every year we hand over this donation to two of our non-profit cooperation partners, who use it to support social projects in the Hamburg region.

At our General Works Meeting in 2017 we handed over symbolic checks to support the work of our partners “Climb Lernferien” and “Verikom e.V”. The sum of the Lucky Cents donated at BMH are handed over every year to our cooperation partner “Lenzsiedlung e.V.”, which supports children’s and youth projects in the company neighborhood.