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The "We care." Engagement Program

We know that our strategy will only reach its full potential if our employees support it on a daily basis. Sustainability isn’t something that is left at work when you go home. Acting sustainably can be done anytime, anywhere; at home, on the way to work, on the weekend, or on vacation.

Our company-wide "We care." engagement program focuses on informing our employees about our strategy and targets, actively involving them in the implementation and inspiring them to act independently. After all, "We care." is the sum total of many individual "I care" commitments.

think planet Employee Engagement Campaign 2013 Beiersdorf

In November 2012, our employees around the world were involved in various activities to kick-off our "We care." program. Personal "I care" messages were posted around the workplace so that others could see them and be inspired by the commitments of their colleagues. Employees could also make use of an online tool to measure their environmental footprint and get ideas on how to reduce their impact. After the successful launch in 2012, we rolled out our "think planet" campaign in 2013 to raise awareness about the small things that everyone can do to protect the environment. The message: be part of it, be creative and share your ideas with your coworkers. The campaign had different employee-driven elements such as a video in which nine employees from different countries shared the different ways that they personally are trying to be more environmentally-friendly at work. In 2015, we focused on our "products" pillar of our strategy and communicated to our employees all about our product improvements, Product-Lifecycle-Analysis (LCA), our ingredient choices, responsible raw-material sourcing and more. To really get involved in the topic, a quiz was created that allowed each employee to 'build their own product’ in a step-by-step procedure, making conscious choices in all steps of the production process and learning afterwards how well their product performs on sustainability criteria.