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The "We care." Engagement Program

We know that our strategy will only reach its full potential if our employees support it on a daily basis. Sustainability isn’t something that is left at work when you go home. Acting sustainably can be done anytime, anywhere; at home, on the way to work, on the weekend, or on vacation.
Our company-wide "We care." engagement program focuses on informing our employees about our strategy and targets, actively involving them in the implementation and inspiring them to act independently. After all, "We care." is the sum total of many individual "I care" commitments.

In November 2012, our employees around the world were involved in various activities to kick-off our "We care." program. Personal "I care" messages were posted around the workplace so that others could see them and be inspired by the commitments of their colleagues. Employees could also make use of an online tool to measure their environmental footprint and get ideas on how to reduce their impact.

We implemented another two successful internal employee engagement campaigns for our “Products” and “Planet” areas in 2013 and 2015 – “think planet“ und “A closer look at Products“.

think planet Employee Engagement Campaign 2013 Beiersdorf
The "We care." Engagement Program

In 2016, the focus was on our third pillar “People”. The campaign, named “All about people”, was launched at our headquarters in Hamburg in October 2016 and was also communicated internationally. The goal of “All about people” was to inform about our numerous measures and activities in this area, and to encourage employees to participate in local projects. Besides projects in the field of health and safety, activities from our social engagement around the world were also presented. Various posters and a campaign film drew attention to the event. A special feature: For the first time, the film was created from user-generated videos of committed colleagues at our affiliates. This shows once more the high engagement and enthusiasm we have at Beiersdorf for sustainability.

Employee Campaign on Our New Climate Target in 2017

Our 2025 climate target is not only about improving energy efficiency at all of our sites, switching over our electricity supply to renewable sources, or reducing emissions from the goods and services we purchase. It also highlights how all our employees can make their own small contribution. Greenhouse gas emissions play a bigger role in our everyday lives than one might think initially: They are hidden in how we move around, what we eat, and how we shop. With our climate film, we first of all raised our employees’ awareness of the complex topic of climate change by highlighting its effects, and what we intend to achieve with our new climate target. In addition, we have called on all employees worldwide to share ideas for a more climate-friendly everyday life with their colleagues and to inspire them. With great success: Many are already very committed to this topic and show great creativity. They are using public transport, buy regional foods, avoid paper cups, and suggest ideas such as optimizing the use of daylight at our production sites to lower electricity consumption. The campaign will continue with further activities.

Beiersdorf's Climate Commitment for 2025

In addition, we encouraged employees worldwide to inspire their colleagues by sharing their ideas for a more climate-friendly everyday life, and so far it has been a great success. Many are already very committed and have been extremely creative in this field. They use public transport, buy local food, refrain from using paper cups, and have suggested ideas such as optimizing the use of daylight in factories for lower power consumption. The campaign is ongoing and further initiatives are planned.