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  • Focus on Skin Care

    For over 130 years, we have dedicated ourselves to meeting our consumers individual needs and are considered to be the inventors of modern skin care

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  • Strong Brands

    We focus clearly on the needs of our consumers – with strong and successful brands which we develop and maintain on an ongoing basis

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Our Top Brands

... are globally successful
because consumers all
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Quick Facts
  • Company Basics

    Over 70 patents on skin care innovations each year
    Over 17,000 employees around the world
    Labs in Hamburg, USA, Japan, China and Mexico to research regional skin needs
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    NIVEA: market leader in 45 countries and has a global brand awareness of 95%*
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    In 2014, Group sales rose by 4.7% to €6,285 million
  • Group Sales by Region

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    €3,421 million

    €1,116 million

    €1,748 million

News StreamLatest News on Beiersdorf and its brands

90 Years of Blue and White – A Design Icon Is Born

Who knows what would have become of Beiersdorf without the courageous decision of Juan Gegorio Clausen. The Head of the Ad Department reinvented the then poorly selling NIVEA Cream in 1925 with a new design. It was the beginning of an impressive success story.

NIVEA Blue confirmed

Today the Federal Supreme Court of Germany reversed a 2013 decision made by the Federal Patent Court. The case was about the deletion of the registered color trademark, NIVEA Blue. At the instigation of a competitor the Federal Patent Court ordered the removal of the color trademark from the German trademark register. The case will now begin again.
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  • Planet
  • People
  • Products

    Less Waste - Same Quality

    Our know-how and strength in innovation have always been the main drivers for our success. Our target is to continue providing high-quality, trustworthy products, whilst decreasing our environmental impact.

  • Planet

    Achieving more with less

    We know that the natural resources we need throughout our value chain are limited. We make it our responsibility to minimize the resources we use in our operations.

  • People

    Actively Taking Responsibility

    The well-being, development and success of our employees is key to the growth of our business. As a global corporate citizen, we also embrace the responsibility to have a positive impact on society.

International Distribution

Developing innovative products for new markets means responding to both global trends and the wishes of local consumers. With more than 150 affiliates, Beiersdorf and its brands are present – and successful – all over the world.





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Sustained success can only be achieved when one has the opportunity to fully apply one's strengths. This is true for individuals, teams and companies. Our unique Beiersdorf culture is the best foundation: It encourages everyone to give their best every day.
Zhengrong Liu – Executive Board, Human Resources

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Open Positions

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