Reducing Our Water Consumption

Using less water is a key focus theme for our new production facility in Silao, Mexico. The new production center has been designed using advanced sustainability methods, which ensure significant water savings, for instance the optimizing of water purification processes and reusing the discharged water from production for sanitary purposes and garden irrigation. Find out more about the sustainable constructions of our new production plant in Silao ...more 

Cleaning More with Less

One important way of reducing our water consumption is to optimize cleaning processes. Our production centers in Brazil, Chile and Mexico all recorded water savings, thanks to improved cleaning systems and processes. In addition, our production center in Wuhan, China, installed a steam sterilization device, which not only had a positive impact on water savings; it also reduced the yearly sewage discharge by a significant amount. In Hamburg, Germany, open cooling water loops have been replaced by closed ones, which has led to considerable reductions in drinking water consumption since 2011.

Optimizing Wastewater Treatment and Reusing Water

A cross-functional team from our manufacturing facility Itatiba, Brazil, implemented the project "Water Reuse from Reverse Osmosis" in 2012. This project reduced water consumption by reusing discharged water in the sanitary facilities. The initiative achieved recognition at the 6th edition of "Water Action Award" from the Piracicaba, Capivari and Jundiaí Rivers Consortium (PCJ Consortium), in the "Water Reuse" category. The PCJ Consortium is an organization, which brings together municipalities, companies, universities and NGOs in order to improve the conditions of river basins in the region and preserve water.  

In 2012 the Tres Cantos production center in Spain continued to optimize its wastewater treatment system. The quality of the water is now so high that it can be reused, for example for garden irrigation, which also reduces water consumption significantly.  

In 2011 our production facility in Mexico City cut its consumption by around a third, by switching from drinking water to recycled wastewater for its sanitary facilities.

Raising Employee Awareness

In March 2014, Beiersdorf Brazil used the "World Water Day" initiative launched by the United Nations in 1993 as an occasion for an action week devoted to the water theme. For the seventh year running, the subsidiary focused the attention of its workers on this resource that is vital for life. Both Beiersdorf Manufacturing (Itatiba) and at the administrative headquarters (São Paulo) covered a wide range of topics. Internal use by the company was as much a concern as concrete measures for promoting responsible use of the natural resource. Information about the water situation in the state of São Paulo and valuable tips to prevent waste at home were also on the roster – along with a competition for the lowest per-capital water consumption. 

Employees in our Basel office in Switzerland were encouraged to carry out small daily actions to achieve bigger results. Stickers have been placed next to all taps to remind employees to use this valuable resource responsibly. On top of this, every employee has been given their own glass bottle which they can use and reuse instead of plastic bottles. Larger glass bottles are available for meetings. Thanks to this initiative, the amount of plastic bottles used has dropped by 50%.

You can find out more about eating and drinking sustainably here and more of our employee engagement activities here.