Professor P.G. Unna Academy

Knowledge transfer for patient well-being

Our skin is our largest sensory organ. And it changes permanently: it ages and can become diseased under certain circumstances. At the same time, people’s demands for care and medical support for their skin change too. Scientific progress and rapidly developing technologies are permitting the expectations patients have for cures and transparent treatment to grow. This means that doctors more and more are becoming managers. Beiersdorf is taking the approach of once again increasing the exchange in the field of skin care between researchers and practicing doctors. With this goal: continuously developing the dermatological health care.

"We are striving to develop skin care products that are relevant to your patients”, said Dr. Gitta Neufang, Head of Medical Management Global Pharmacy Brands.

Kickoff event with 370 dermatologists

At the end of January Beiersdorf made a mark: With Professor P.G. Unna Academy an independent institution was brought to life dedicated to the further education of doctors in dermatological indications. About 370 dermatologists accepted the invitation to the kickoff event in the Research Center on Troplowitzstraße in Hamburg, as well as in eleven additional event locations around the country. In the Hanseatic City the program consisted of expert talks from two renowned dermatologists from the University Clinic of Schleswig-Holstein as well as detailed insight into the neurodermatitis research at Beiersdorf. “We are striving to develop skin care products that are relevant to your patients”, said Dr. Gitta Neufang, Head of Medical Management Global Pharmacy Brands, addressing the assembly with regard to the Eucerin range. Eleven additional cities all over Germany followed via videolink. The dermatological talks were along the lines of the Continuing Medical Education (CME) which doctors require.

Presented the concept of the newly founded academy: Matthias Scheller and Frederik Wittkopf, Managing Director of Beiersdorf Dermo Medical.

Cultivating an important name

The newly founded academy ensures practical dermatological knowledge transfer. With the demand of achieving direct and indirect patient success, it offers further education programs in scientific as well as in patient management areas. Last summer with the Beiersdorf Dermo Medical GmbH, the newly organized field doctor service began. The 28-employee team supports the Professor P.G. Unna Academy with operations. It advertises Eucerin products, keeps close contact with doctors and clinics and rolls out the continuing and further education programs of the Unna Academy. “For us it’s about giving dermatologists relevant added value in their work”, says Matthias Scheller, Director Medical Management, of the approach of the still new Beiersdorf affiliate. And Frederik Wittkopf, Corporate Senior Vice President Pharmacy adds, “With the strategy Skin – Research – Expertise, we want to build a shared future – to benefit patients and doctors.”

Independent Committee Steers Academy
Leading doctors from various fields and a chairman from a non-medical field form the steering committee of the Professor P.G. Unna Academy. Its central duty is to collect and identify the further education needs and areas of interest of the dermatologists. Based on this, Beiersdorf Dermo Medical in collaboration with this circle of experts conceived of an appropriate offering of further education for the doctors. The following people belong to the annually changing steering committee for 2016: Professor Volkmann (TH Köln), Professor Ständer (Uniklinik Münster), Dr. Philipp-Dormston (Klinik links vom Rhein), Dr. Zink (Technical University Munich), Dr. Neufang (Beiersdorf).