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Beiersdorf embraces sustainability. It has been an integral part of our long-term, foresighted entrepreneurship for more than 130 years. It is clearly reflected in our core values of Care, Simplicity, Courage, and Trust.
Zhengrong Liu - Member of the Executive Board Human Resources | Sustainability | Services

WE CARE. Our Commitment to Sustainability

“We care.” is our strategy for sustainability. It focuses on three distinctive areas: Products, Planet, and People. Together with our ambitious 2020 commitments, it complements our business goals and ensures that we target the areas where Beiersdorf and its brands have the greatest impact. “We care.” means that we respect and adhere to internationally recognized conventions and standards. Guided by “We care.” we respond to the challenges faced each day by our entire value chain. Among other things, these include safeguarding the health, safety, and security of our employees, supporting underprivileged families around the world, reducing environmental impact and managing natural resources scarcity. As the result of integrating sustainability into our business from the very beginning, we have been able to make steady progress on all target fields, also in 2015.


Significantly aided by innovative energy efficiency initiatives in our global production facilities as well as offices, we exceeded our planet commitment by cutting CO2 emissions per sold product by 48% last year. It was well ahead of our original target of 30% reduction by 2020. Within our product focus, we made significant progress on the sourcing of sustainable palm oil. We closed negotiations with several of our main suppliers and prepared our own productions centers to source additional raw materials through the so-called mass-balance scheme. These steps enable us to source more than 25% of the palm base in our raw materials as certified materials in 2016 and mark an important milestone on our sustainable palm roadmap. In 2015 we supported another 181.026 families around the world, bringing us one step closer to achieving our people commitment of reaching and improving the lives of one million families by 2020. The success of our long-term social initiatives has further demonstrated that consumers are eager to engage with and support NIVEA’s commitment to families in need.


As part of our 2020 product commitment, we will introduce new sustainability criteria for raw materials. We will extend our responsible sourcing program for our palm oil supply chain and our Supplier Code of Conduct governance program. In our planet commitment, we are working with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to redefine reduction targets for our greenhouse gas emissions to reflect the 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21) Agreement. As a complement to our people commitment, we are planning to increase the donation of surplus products to families in need. Our people commitment starts with our employees. In 2016, we are revamping our Zero Accident Program in addition to maintaining all initiatives designed to promote the well-being of our employees.

At Beiersdorf, sustainability is not the responsibility of a few experts. It is a matter for everyone. Thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment of our 13,300 employees, we will make even bigger strides in our effort to achieve our high sustainability objectives.

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Zhengrong Liu

Member of the Executive Board

Human Resources | Sustainability | Services
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