Our Sustainability Management

Beiersdorf - Our Sustainability Management.

Our global sustainability commitment is firmly anchored within the company. Our entire Executive Board played an instrumental role in the development of the sustainability strategy and is responsible for its execution. The strategy is managed and monitored by the Corporate Sustainability department whose head reports directly to the Member of the Executive Board responsible for Human Resources, Corporate Communications and Sustainability.

Our "We care" strategy was designed to build on and streamline existing sustainability efforts. As we move forward, we adjust our strategic approach according to regional and functional needs and work with a global network of sustainability experts and promoters. Parallel to this, new sustainability measures are embedded into existing processes, such as innovation management. We foster open and transparent feedback to allow us to continuously fine-tune and realign our focus. This ensures effective management and contributes to the achievement of our targets.

Ultimately, for our strategy to succeed it needs to be understood and "lived" by each and every employee. Our company-wide "We care" engagement program focuses on informing our employees about our strategy and targets, actively involving them in our activities and inspiring them to act independently. This way we will integrate sustainability into our day-to-day work.

Corporate Sustainability Management Team

Inken Hollmann-Peters

Vice President Corporate
Communications & Sustainability

Dorle Bahr

Head of Environmental
Sustainability & Safety

Christiane Hölscher

Global CSR Manager

Our sustainability system "susy"

susy Logo

In July 2014 Beiersdorf introduced a new software to support its global sustainability management. Worldwide sustainability indicators can be collected, evaluated and processed using "susy" (Sustainability System). The new system offers exceptional user friendliness, data transparency and verifiability. In addition, every division that participates in the reporting system can benefit from "susy", because the software helps support the reproduction of individual sustainability performances. This way, the system simplifies reporting under the "Global Reporting Initiative" (GRI) standards.

Global Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety Standards

Global Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety Standards

Environmental protection and occupational safety rank as high priorities at all Beiersdorf locations. Learn more about our activities to sustainably improve our production Centers.

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