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Beiersdorf is a global manufacturer of high-quality skin care products with over 130 years of research expertise. This depth of know-how remains the main driver of our success today. Our objective is to continue providing high-quality, safe and reliable products that are sourced responsibly. Through ongoing product development we aim to progressively decrease the environmental impact throughout the entire life-cycle of our products.

Responsible Sourcing

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Managing the social and environmental impact of extensive global supply chains is a complex topic. At Beiersdorf we take our responsibility for the upstream supply chain very seriously.
To fulfill our commitment we have developed a responsible sourcing program that tackles ethical, social and environmental issues in our supply chain. Furthermore, we consistently enforce our “Supplier Code of Conduct” to ensure that our suppliers adhere to the same standards we apply in our own operations. Therefore, compliance with the “Supplier Code of Conduct” is integrated into our supplier selection and evaluation processes. We also work closely with our suppliers to improve our combined sustainability performance, even beyond the requirements of our Code of Conduct. ...more

Raw Materials

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Raw material extraction and production processes for our formulas and packaging play a key role in the environmental and social impact of our products. And we are facing a decline in the availability of some of our raw materials, especially some fossil-based materials.
Our high standards in selecting raw materials and ensuring the safety and effectiveness of our formulas are among the main reasons why consumers trust our brands. We work constantly to maintain these high standards whilst further reducing our environmental impact and dependency on scarce resources. Maintaining a strong focus on innovation to meet these challenges will help secure our long-term business success.
To achieve this we incorporate sustainability criteria into our research, the procurement of raw materials, and the development of new formulas and applications. We also engage in multi-stakeholder initiatives and ongoing open dialogs on selected raw materials. ...more


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Product safety often demands a rather large packaging, which in return leads to increased waste streams. At the same time, consumers are demanding more sustainable packaging and packaging reductions.
Providing our consumers with safe and attractive packaging is vital. However, we strive to keep the environmental impact of our packaging as low as possible and ensure long-term cost savings wherever we can.
To achieve this we work constantly to optimize our packaging and make it more sustainable: We apply the sustainability criteria of “avoid, reduce, reuse and recycle” to all of our packaging innovations, explore the use of recycled materials, and invest in the testing and implementation of even more sustainable materials. ...more