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About the editor: Hilke Cordes

Hilke Cordes

After several years on the agency side, Hilke is now part of the team for Global NIVEA Brands PR & CSR communication at Beiersdorf and takes care of international NIVEA communications projects. She develops PR packages for global brands communication as well as guidelines in conjunction with NIVEA product launches and other brand topics.

About the editor: Kathrin Erbar

Kathrin Erbar

Kathrin takes us on a journey to the fascinating field of research and development at Beiersdorf. Before exploring Beiersdorf’s DNA, she was doing the communication for HR related topics, such as diversity, leadership or New Work. She also used to be responsible for financial communications at Beiersdorf for several years.

About the editor: Christina Hoberg

Christina has been working at Beiersdorf for over 15 years. For eight years she was Editor-in-Chief for the international employee magazine – a job that led her to the most diverse areas of the company and its affiliates and sharpened her eye for good texts. She has a special place in her heart for themes related to the Supply Chain and Sustainability. Furthermore, for more than two years Christina has been responsible for the internal and external communication for all site development topics.

About the editor: Ines Kandel

Ines is responsible for the communication around our Pharmacy and Selective Brands like Eucerin, Hansaplast and La Prairie within the Corporate Communications team. Prior to this task, she worked on various communication topics for Beiersdorf – including HR, Strategy, R&D and Finance – and became an expert in the area of Issues Management and Crisis Communication. In addition, she manages the network of our PR Managers worldwide. Just recently, she spend some months on a short term assignment at Beiersdorf in France – another great international experience.

About the editor: Diana Lühmann

Diana Lühmann

Since autumn 2019, Diana has been responsible for corporate communication related to HR and inspiring people at Beiersdorf. These include the areas of Diversity, Learning & Development, Career, Leadership, and Health. Previously, she was in charge of R&D Communications and explored the exciting world of our research and development.

About the editor: Martina Perez

Martina has been part of the Corporate Communications team for many years as a PR consultant and knows the media scene very well. And the journalists know Martina. She coordinates and answers media inquiries, supports filming projects, and she is our contact person for daily press reviews and continuous media monitoring. In addition, she is responsible for the conception and organization of selected press conferences, for example for the successful long-term cooperation project between NIVEA and DLRG.

About the editor: Carolin Schreyer

Carolin Schreyer

Carolin is responsible for our Pharmacy and Selective Brands within the Corporate Communications team. In this way she takes care of international communication projects of brands like Eucerin, Aquaphor, Hansaplast and La Prairie.

About the editor: Katrin Selzer

Katrin Selzer

Katrin has been working at Beiersdorf since 2003. After various positions in marketing, strategy, digital and PR, she is since September 2018 Senior Communication Manager and responsible for the topic of sustainability. For Katrin, sustainability has a high personal relevance, since it changes the world for the better – and she contributes by communicating about it. Her communication is very passionate and she tries to also push the topic forward. In her private life, she is constantly seeking new ways and means to live a more sustainable lifestyle and inspire others with it.

Our guest editors worldwide

Editors worldwide

In addition to our main editorial team, many international colleagues regularly contribute to our corporate blog. From Europe to Asia, from Durban to Buenos Aires, Dubai or Sydney, they report on exciting projects from our more than 160 affiliates around the world, giving you an insight into Beiersdorf's local working environment. You can find out more about the numerous, constantly changing guest editors below their respective articles.