Good Management Has a Name: Corporate Governance

Beiersdorf AG welcomes the regularly updated German Corporate Governance Code presented by the Government Commission. The Code not only creates transparency for domestic and foreign investors as regards the framework for corporate management and supervision in Germany, but also establishes generally accepted standards for good and responsible company management. 

“Corporate Governance” means responsible company management and supervision that aims to achieve long-term value enhancement. It increases the transparency of the statutory and company-specific conditions for the management of listed companies and hence promotes the confidence of investors, customers, employees, and the general public in this regard.

Good corporate governance has been a high priority at Beiersdorf even before the publication of the Code. Close, efficient cooperation between the Executive and Supervisory Boards, a focus on shareholder interests, open corporate communication, proper accounting and auditing, and responsible risk management have always been the basis of the Company’s success. As a result, compliance with the Code and its amendments did not necessitate any fundamental changes at Beiersdorf.  

We consider corporate governance to be an ongoing process and will continue to track future developments carefully.

Beiersdorf reports on the Company’s Corporate Governance on a yearly basis in the Corporate Governance Statement (in the combined Management Report of the Annual Report).