More than just Plasters

The Hansaplast World

Beiersdorf’s founder, Paul Carl Beiersdorf, was the man who laid the foundations for today’s successful Hansaplast brand and its sister brands Elastoplast and Curitas. In 1882, he registered a patent for the production of “coated bandages.” Patent No. 20057 also marks the birth of the company that is Beiersdorf today.

One of the first globally successful products was the zinc oxide adhesive tape Leukoplast, which was introduced in 1901. It was followed in 1922 by Hansaplast, which revolutionized wound care. Hansaplast was the first plaster to feature a gauze pad, which meant it was also suitable for dressing open wounds.

Research and development. Beiersdorf has launched a string of innovative products over the years, thanks to its untiring commitment to research and development. They include Hansaplast elastisch (elastic) in 1932, Hansaplast wasserfest (waterproof) in 1953, Hansaplast Kinderpflaster (children’s plasters) in 1968, the Active Gel Strip in 2003, the flexible knee and elbow bandages for children introduced in 2008, and Hansaplast Extreme for strong adhesion and longer-lasting staying power.

Hansaplast today. Beiersdorf’s plaster and wound care brand Hansaplast is the market leader in Germany and another 17 countries worldwide. The Hansaplast product portfolio now includes products for heat therapy, foot care, disinfection, and noise protection, bandages, fixation bandages, and special products for wound care in addition to plasters.