Our Innovations

Innovation is not only the key to our business success, it is part of our corporate DNA – and has been for over 140 years. As far back as 1900, Dr. Isaac Lifschütz applied for a patent for his new emulsifying agent Eucerit; the hydrophilic ointment base in our Eucerin range. In 1911, Eucerit also became a key component in NIVEA, the world’s first stable oil-and-water-based cream that was suitable for mass production.

Our focus on decoding the skin’s complex processes, researching new active ingredients working in harmony with the skin as well as the effects of certain substances on skin and developing new product formulations is at the very core of our daily work. For decades, we have been setting global standards such as the introduction of the sun protection factor and the first skin care regime especially for men. We have also discovered countless active ingredients like the coenzyme Q10 in the field of anti aging, Hydra IQ technology in moisturizing products, the innovative anti-stain-technology Black & White for deodorants, or Thiamidol and W630 against hyperpigmentation.