For Fully Circular Resources

Worldwide, the consumption of natural resources, waste production and negative environmental impacts have risen continuously over the past decades. In response, Beiersdorf is committed to strengthening the circular economy: The recyclability of our packaging and ingredients is of central importance to us and is therefore anchored in our strategic focus area “For Fully Circular Resources”. To make our actions measurable, we have set the following global targets for packaging by 2025: 

  • To use 50% less fossil-based virgin plastic in our packaging  and
  • to integrate at least 30% recycled material in our plastic packaging compared to 2019.
  • Moreover, 100% of our packaging is to be refillable, reusable or recyclable by 2025. 

With our packaging targets, we not only reduce our resource consumption but also work towards our GHG reduction targets. This is because most of our Scope 3 emissions are directly connected to the components used in our products, including both the ingredients and packaging materials. This is reflected in our roadmap for our 2032 and long-term Net Zero targets, which focuses on the decarbonization of our product portfolio as a key lever.


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Our Climate Transition Plan gives a detailed overview of concrete targets and measures in order to achieve Net Zero in 2045. Click here to download.

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Fighting Plastic Pollution at Beiersdorf