Beiersdorf CHRONICLE

There are many stories worth telling from the over 130-year history of Beiersdorf. Whether technical innovations that were ahead of their time or design developments that can still inspire us today – there are countless stories that together characterize Beiersdorf’s DNA and have continuously been influential. Upon this background the Beiersdorf CHRONICLE series appears since April 2015. Each issue scientifically researches a topic in the company’s history and presents its finding in an entertaining way.

Beiersdorf CHRONICLE Issue 05The crisis manager

Cover Beiersdorf Chronicle 05 EN

Read in the fifth issue everything about our first CEO Willy Jacobsohn. 

Beiersdorf CHRONICLE Issue 05 (German / English)

Beiersdorf CHRONICLE Issue 04Pebeco

Cover Beiersdorf Chronicle 04 EN

In the fourth issue we’ll take a look at the origin story of the first global brand from Beiersdorf: the toothpaste Pebeco.

Beiersdorf CHRONICLE Issue 04 (German / English)

Beiersdorf CHRONICLE Issue 03The revolution in skin care

Cover Beiersdorf Chronicle 03 EN

Read in the third issue everything about the early history of NIVEA until 1924.

Beiersdorf CHRONICLE Issue 03 (German / English)

Beiersdorf CHRONICLE Issue 02The brand maker

Cover Beiersdorf Chronicle 02 EN

In the second issue the origin of the big Beiersdorf brands and their inventor Dr. Oscar Troplowitz are the focal point.

Beiersdorf CHRONICLE Issue 02 (German / English)

Beiersdorf CHRONICLE Issue 01How is a global corporation founded?

Cover Beiersdorf Chronicle 01 EN

Read in the first issue everything about the history of the founding of Beiersdorf in the period between 1880 and 1890.

Beiersdorf CHRONICLE Issue 01 (German / English)