A next milestone in skin rejuvenation

It is probably almost as old as mankind itself: the desire to grow as old as possible while still possessing the vitality and appearance of a young person. So far, however, this eternal “fountain of youth” remains only a dream. One thing, though, is now within reach: What if our skin could once again look visibly younger than our birth certificate indicates? We can do more than we may think. For a long time it has been assumed that how our skin ages is genetically predetermined. But with the findings in the field of epigenetics, this assumption has been permanently disproved. According to this, the appearance of our skin, for example general vitality, firmness and wrinkling, is influenced by many external factors. Do we eat a healthy diet and get enough exercise? Do we have frequent stress and too little sleep? Do we smoke or expose ourselves to other damaging environmental influences such as sun exposure without adequate UV protection? All of this affects our epigenetic pattern and can have a negative impact on our biological age and therefore the appearance of our skin. The good news: these changes are not set in stone, but reversible. In short, we can reactivate biological processes in the cells. Welcome to the exciting field of epigenetics!


Healthy aging by turning back the skin’s age clock

”For us, the very dynamic research field of epigenetics holds enormous potential – and it represents a decisive step for the next major innovations in the field of skin rejuvenation.”

The aging process is highly complex and still poses many mysteries to science. Beiersdorf scientists have decades of in-depth experience in skin biology and aging and are among the leading experts in the field of epigenetics related to the skin. Epigenetics is an important tool for learning more about the complex mechanisms that contribute to aging. It has great potential to lead us to novel and innovative strategies for skin rejuvenation – and thus contribute to the healthy aging of our consumers in the long term. 

After more than 15 years of research, our scientists have succeeded in developing an “age clock” specific to the skin – in order to turn it back a bit in the future. Our patented SKIN AGE CLOCK technology helps us find novel skin care solutions to make people look younger than they really are. Find out more what Beiersdorf’s research expertise regarding epigenetics is all about.