Closeness to consumers

Being close to consumers is fundamental to our product development. In fact, since 2009 we have significantly expanded our product evaluation and consumer research department to understand their needs at an even deeper level.

Researcher is conducting a research on a woman's skin

At our research center in Hamburg as well as in our global regions, we regularly speak to, survey and monitor consumers regarding their usage habits and expectations. For example, we have specially designed bathrooms at the center where we can observe how consumers use our products. By staying close to our consumers, we can glean valuable information about how we can improve our products and packaging and how our products can be designed for tactility, ease and pleasure of use.

Trained employees and external subjects take part in highly standardized testing procedures and descriptive panels in which they analyze and describe the properties of creams and lotions during and after application, focusing on their solidity, spreadability, moisture content and feeling on the skin.

It is important that our products maintain a consistently high quality globally, and that they meet the needs of consumers in different regions, so wherever we are active in the market, we invite consumers to evaluate our products.