HansaplastEurope’s no. 1 adhesive bandage brand

The expert in fast, effective healing

The name Hansaplast has represented fast, effective healing for more than 90 years, and it delivers what it promises. With a whole host of products, Hansaplast patches up, relieves, and remedies skinned knees, back pain, foot problems, and many other complaints. Hansaplast also goes by Elastoplast and Curitas in other parts of the world and enjoys the trust of a great many people in Europe and beyond.

Wound care

Wound care

You need the right adhesive bandage if you’re going to provide optimal wound care. Hansaplast is always there to help – with the right products for the whole family.

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Foot care

Whether it’s immediate help for minor accidents or regular, ongoing care, you can rely on Hansaplast for healthy feet!

Heat therapy

The effective ABC Local Pain Therapy heating products and their natural healing warmth make short work of muscle pain.

Joint support

Our joint bandages protect joints and prevent injuries when you’re at work, pursuing your hobbies or playing sports.


Hansaplast has made history more than once. The long string of innovations began with the first adhesive bandage with a gauze pad. Learn more.