A Traditional Brand from Waldheim

Naturally Developed Florena

The beginning. In 1852, Pharmacist Adolf Bergmann founded Waldheimer Parfumerie und Toilettenseifenfabrik as one of the first cosmetics manufacturing companies in Germany. It became famous for inventing tooth soap, a precursor to modern-day toothpaste. From 1875 onwards, the company began manufacturing toilet soaps and body care products.

The birth of a brand. In 1920 Florena was officially registered as a trademark by the Imperial Patent Office in Munich. One of its first products was Florena talcum powder.

Development in a divided Germany. In 1946, the firm was nationalized and renamed “VEB Rosodont-Werke.” The first Florena skin cream was launched in 1955 as the forerunner of today’s cream for the entire family. Florena Bath Soap and Florena Nut Oil extended the range.

From 1965 onwards Florena Creme started selling in markets outside Germany, predominantly Eastern Bloc countries. Vast quantities of shaving soap, perfume, and perfumed soaps were exported to the former Soviet Union. In 1981, the company became part of the German Democratic Republic’s largest cosmetics manufacturer, VEB Kosmetik-Kombinat Berlin.

Florena joins the Beiersdorf family. Florena’s cooperation with Beiersdorf began when it started manufacturing NIVEA under license in 1989. After German reunification, the company was privatized and began trading under the name of Florena Cosmetic GmbH. Since 2002, Florena Cosmetic GmbH has been wholly owned by Beiersdorf AG.

Pure care and nothing more. The successful repositioning of the brand began in 2007 with a focus on natural ingredients. Today, Florena offers entire skin care lines containing selected and gently processed active ingredients. All new product developments are based to the greatest extent possible on natural, renewable raw materials.