Analyst Coverage

The following banks and security firms cover Beiersdorf AG on a regular basis.

  Firm   Analyst
  Bank of America Merrill Lynch   Eva Quiroga 
  Barclays   Iain Simpson
  Berenberg   Fulvio Cazzol
  Bernstein   Bruno Monteyne
  Bryan Garnier   Loic Morvan
  Citi Research   Cedric Besnard
  Deutsche Bank   Tom Sykes  
  DZ Bank   Thomas Maul
  Exane BNP Paribas   Mikheil Omanadze 
  Goldman Sachs   Olivier Nicolai
  HSBC   Jeremy Fialko
  Jefferies   Molly Wylenzek
  J.P. Morgan Cazenove   Celine Pannuti 
  Kepler Cheuvreux   Karel Zoete
  Morgan Stanley   Pinar Ergun
  Nord LB   Thorsten Strauß
  Oddo BHF   Pierre Tegner
  RBC Capital Markets   Emma Letheren
  Redburn   Chris Pitcher
  Societe Generale   David Hayes
  Stifel   Rogerio Fujimori
  UBS   Guillaume Delmas
  Warburg Research   Jörg Philipp Frey


Please note that Beiersdorf AG has no influence whatsoever on the opinions, estimates, or forecasts given by the above-mentioned institutions or their employees about Beiersdorf AG or its performance. They are provided for information purposes only and do not represent the opinions, estimates, or forecasts of Beiersdorf AG, but are exclusively attributable to the above-mentioned institutions or their employees.

Reference to these institutions in no way constitutes the confirmation or approval of the content of the research prepared by these institutions or their employees. On no account does this compilation constitute an invitation or solicitation to buy, sell, or hold shares of Beiersdorf AG or any other recommendation for an investment decision.

Beiersdorf AG is not obliged to update or supplement the above information and makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy and completeness of this list.