Our PhD program

As a doctoral candidate, we offer you the opportunity topursue your doctorate in cooperation with us. Under our specially established PhD program, you will receive support in this important step from members ofour R&D team – provided you are looking to embark on a career in scientificresearch. Our skin research center in Hamburg is among the largest and mostadvanced in the world. Here, you will have experienced mentors at your side asyou apply your passion and expertise to real-life challenges, helping to shapethe skin care of tomorrow. By completing your doctoral thesis with us, you alsohave the chance to recommend yourself for a career at our company and topromote your chosen field of expertise. We will support you on your way bothfinancially and professionally. Your admission as a doctoral candidate lies inthe hands of the university and is subject to the applicable doctoralregulations.

Doctoral positions at Beiersdorf – What we offer you:

As a participant in our doctoral program, you will enjoy many benefits at Beiersdorf:

  • You will receive a three-year employment contract. During this time, you will get to know our company and have financial security.
  • You will benefit from our R&D experts’ extensive support – and from the know-how of our scientific partners.
  • We offer you the opportunity to apply your expertise to real-world challenges and to help shape the skin care of tomorrow through your work. Moreover, we support research topics that are of high scientific relevance.
  • Our skin research center enables you to conduct advanced research and use the latest technologies, comparable to those of renowned institutes or universities.
  • You can network with other doctoral candidates and participate in national and international congresses.
  • You will be able to attend numerous scientific colloquia and seminars, also in related research areas.
  • We will strengthen your soft skills.
  • Once you have successfully completed your doctorate, you have excellent chances of continuing to grow with us and joining the company on a permanent basis.

Interested in learning more about our doctoral program? Click below for a brochure with further information. Please note that we only advertise doctoral in our career section from time to time.