Sustainability Reporting at Beiersdorf

Sustainability Review 2018

Sustainability Reporting at Beiersdorf

In compliance with the CSR directive implementation law, the Beiersdorf Group (for Consumer and tesa) and Beiersdorf AG are publishing since fiscal year 2017 a Separate Combined Non-financial Report (NFR) that is integrated in the Sustainability Review. Our current review is available for download here.

To save on paper, ink and transportation we do not publish print versions; all our Sustainability Reviews published since 2012 are exclusively available online as a PDF file here.
In the Sustainability section of our corporate website we continually communicate on new developments and our progress in individual projects. 

Sustainability Reporting of the Consumer Business Segment

In our annual Sustainability Review we describe how we meet our responsibility along the entire value chain. We report to our stakeholders on our company’s performance in the aspects of Product, Planet and People as well as on the successes and challenges of the reporting year.
Our Sustainability Review is oriented towards the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. The GRI is a non-profit, network-based organization that supports sustainability reporting and sees this as an opportunity to embed the topic more deeply in companies and organizations, thus contributing to a more sustainable global economy. In 2018 we applied the GRI Standards for the first time and produced our Review – as in previous years – in accordance with the “core” option.
To make sure we include all those topics that our stakeholders and we ourselves see as material, we regularly review the alignment of our sustainability-focused activities and reporting by carrying out a materiality analysis.
For the 2018 reporting year we are also including the UN Sustainable Development Goals for the first time, as we feel a particular commitment to these as a global company.
Since 2014, we have used our sustainability management software “susy” to gather, collate and evaluate relevant sustainability key indicators centrally. This makes “susy” a key tool in providing ourselves and our stakeholders with the most accurate picture possible of our sustainability activities’ current status.   

Sustainability Reporting of the tesa Business Segment

The tesa Business Segment, a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), publishes an annual Communication on Progress on its achievements in the areas of corporate governance, employees, products, environmental protection, and social engagement.
Find out more about responsibility at tesa here.