For Regenerative Water Environments

Our engagement in the focus field Regenerative Water Environments supports the following SDGs

Water is a vital resource – for us humans and for all life on Earth. However, the quality and availability of freshwater are under severe threat due to numerous factors.
As a skin care company, at Beiersdorf we also use water in various ways in our production processes and our product formulas. Naturally, our consumers also use freshwater when they apply many of our products. So, in view of this we have defined water as a focus area of our new sustainability agenda and are taking considerable action to conserve this vital resource.
We have set ourselves the goal of using freshwater responsibly and promoting sustainable water use in a targeted and consistent way. For example, we work continually to minimize water consumption at our production plants and to reduce it in our product formulas. This way we are contributing to two of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – now and for future generations:

  • SDG 6: Clean water and sanitation
  • SDG 14: Life under water

Water use

Freshwater is a limited resource which is available in largely varying quantities and qualities around the globe. At Beiersdorf we therefore work continually to minimize water consumption in our production processes. Hence, we carry out an annual water risk analysis for all our production sites based on the “Water Risk Atlas” published by the World Resources Institute (WRI): We take a close look at the regional availability of freshwater, the respective water quality, and the freshwater consumption needs of the communities neighboring our production centers.

We are committed to implementing risk-reduction measures as a priority at our high water-risk sites, in particular to secure the supply of freshwater to the local community for the long term. For example, in 2019 we implemented site-specific measures within the “Pailin” project at our plant in Thailand, where we use recycled water to irrigate the garden areas on the plant site. Our commitment to minimizing water risk also includes maintaining close dialog with water utilities, local authorities, and neighboring companies – working together we can significantly increase the efficiency and scope of our measures!


Alongside our commitment to meet the increasing requirements of wastewater treatment, at Beiersdorf we do our utmost to implement all feasible water recycling options and to reuse wastewater wherever this makes sense. 

To ensure we stay well positioned today and in the future, we operate modern wastewater treatment plants as standard technologies at our production facilities.
A showcase project is our first modular plant in Gurjarat, India: Here, polluted wastewater is completely neutralized in a special treatment plant, and then used for garden irrigation. We also regularly test innovative technologies at numerous other production sites, integrating these with proven plant engineering techniques and facility management best practice. Our constant goal is to minimize our company’s freshwater consumption and maximize our reuse of wastewater.