Research & Development

For over 140 years, our Research & Development (R&D) colleagues have been exploring the complex processes of our skin. Their ambition: to create impactful skin care products that touch people’s lives around the world. A look at our company history shows that our skin research expertise is at the heart of the company – and our innovations are created at the interface of different disciplines. With the introduction of the dermocosmetic Eucerit (1900) and NIVEA Creme (1911), the first stable skin cream based on a water-in-oil emulsion, we at Beiersdorf already set important milestones in skin care thanks to our research power. But the introduction of ever new, revolutionary active ingredients, such as the wrinkle-reducing Coenzyme Q10 or the active ingredient thiamidol to combat hyperpigmentation, also underscores our innovative strength and role as pioneers in skin care and research.


Our more than 1,000 R&D employees worldwide are continuously expanding our in-depth understanding of the skin and its complex processes. They actively contribute to shaping the development of new, global industry standards – for example, in the area of alternative methods for safety assessment or for cosmetic sun care products. And they use pioneering technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) or open innovation activities to advance research fields, e.g. on the skin microbiome or on skin aging – such as epigenetics. In addition, our research experts are committed to using the latest technologies to make our product portfolio more sustainable, end-to-end, from sourcing and ingredients to resource-efficient packaging.