A Dependable Companion

8X4 = Freshness

Beiersdorf identified a potential market for a new brand that offered freshness and cleanliness at the beginning of the 1950s. It was a time when consumers were just starting to feel optimistic about the future again. The economy was booming and everyone was in work. A clean and well-groomed look was an indicator of a person’s social status, both in business and in the local community.

In 1951, Beiersdorf became the first company in Germany to launch a deodorant product line, called 8X4, which specifically inhibited the growth of bacteria that decompose sweat and cause unpleasant odors. The first 8X4 products were a deodorizing toilet and bath soap, followed by a powder and aerosol spray. The first roll-on deodorant was launched in 1958. 

The unique name 8X4 was created by Juan Gregorio Clausen, Beiersdorf’s long-standing Head of Advertising. It was derived from the active ingredient B32, a component of the first 8X4 products. 

Today, the 8X4 product range includes spray and roll-on deodorants in various fragrances, from trendy to classic. The one thing they all have in common is that they offer reliable 24-hour protection against body odor and underarm wetness. That’s why 8X4 is one of the world’s leading deodorant brands.

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