Product & Consumer Research

Beiersdorf Research Center

We set extremely high standards to ensure the safety and quality of our consumer products which is why, as well as using recognized and reliable procedures to demonstrate the specific effects of each product, our team of physicists, engineers and medical technicians are continuously working on finding and developing new testing methods and technologies. We place great emphasis on being close to consumers so conduct ongoing consumer research at regional as well as international levels.

At our Testcenter in Hamburg, we use a variety of methods, technologies and test designs to demonstrate the advertised effectiveness of our products. Using cell cultures and human subjects, we can quickly and with statistical certainty describe mechanisms of action and incorporate them into the development of new, innovative products.

Since we first used external trained subjects for descriptive panels, over 10,000 creams and lotions have been evaluated and each year around 800 studies are also conducted on our behalf by 50 external quality-controlled institutes.

In order for our raw materials to be declared harmless and dermatologically approved by Beiersdorf researchers, each one must undergo a series of tests on cell cultures before being tested on human subjects. We currently have a pool of approximately 19,000 internal and external test subjects that we can draw on.