Origin of the brand

Every tattoo tells an individual story. It is a memory - forever. To keep it clear and beautiful for as long as possible, we have developed a care range especially for tattooed skin: SKIN STORIES. We brought together our leading scientists and tattoo experts to better understand the process of tattooing and the specifics of tattooed skin. For several years now, we have been working together on how to preserve color pigments in the skin over the long term, how to keep tattoo contours sharp, and how to strengthen tattooed skin.


To preserve the stories on the skin forever, the SKIN STORIES care series protects the tattoo in all phases. The system care offers an after care to regenerate the skin after the stitching, as well as daily care products for radiant colors and sun care to protect the tattoo colors from fading. The formula with the unique InkGuard-Technology was developed especially for tattooed skin. The skin compatibility on tattooed skin has been dermatologically confirmed.

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