Facts & Figures and important Milestones

  • Employee
    An interdisciplinary team of around 20 people works on epigenetics at Beiersdorf.
    We can measure around 850,000 methylation sites in the genome with a chip. This helps to understand which blockages are responsible for skin aging.
    We have examined more than 50,000 substances and extracts to identify and qualify natural active ingredients for skin rejuvenation.
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    Over 15 scientific contributions, including more than 10 peer-reviewed publications.
    Our skin cells use more than 15,000 genes to control their biological processes (renew, repair, form structural proteins etc.). With increasing age, some of these genes are epigenetically switched off. This means that the skin cell can no longer fully perform its tasks.

    Milestones of Epigenetics Research at Beiersdorf

    For many years, Beiersdorf has pursued its tried and tested strategy also in the field of epigenetic research: When we are convinced of something, we invest the corresponding resources in our laboratories – both in terms of highly qualified staff and the latest equipment and technologies. Highlights of our over 15 years of epigenetics research:

      • Beiersdorf starts epigenetic skin research.

      • First identification of genome-scale epigenetic changes upon skin aging for both layers of skin, epidermis and dermis.

      • First exploration of how age-related epigenetic changes impact skin’s gene expression by using transcriptome sequencing.

      • Development and patent of a skin-specific age clock.

      • Testing of more than 50,000 potentially effective substances.