CARE for Solidarity

Our Support for Ukraine

We condemn the war that Russia continues to wage against Ukraine and are undertaking our utmost humanitarian efforts to protect and support our employees and their families as best as possible under these terrible circumstances. Our thoughts remain with the people in the region and with all our employees and their families.

We are in close contact with our employees in Ukraine and Russia, providing hands-on support as well as financial and psychological care. We have also initiated an immediate aid donation of €2 million in March 2022 to our partners German Red Cross and CARE Deutschland e.V.

In addition to the humanitarian efforts, since the beginning of March 2022 Beiersdorf suspended all commercial activities of our luxury brand La Prairie and tesa in Russia and stopped all advertising in Russia. At the same time, the company reduced the product portfolio of NIVEA and Eucerin in the country substantially to essential skin and personal care products only.

At Beiersdorf, care always comes first and goes hand in hand with our commitment to foster peaceful togetherness across borders. First and foremost, we are undertaking all efforts to support and protect our teams and their families as best as we can under the horrible circumstances. For our 57 employees and their families in Ukraine we have daily updates on their safety and well-being. We also offer psychological support, so that people can better cope with the uncertainty and their great fears and worries. For those who have rescued themselves to neighboring countries, we provide temporary shelter, access to medical care, psychological support and legal counseling. In addition, we ensured financial support by continuing to honor the salaries of all our employees until the end of 2022. In addition, we are offering a building at the Group’s headquarters available to the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg which provides accommodation for people from Ukraine seeking protection. There are 172 accommodation possibilities of which 162 are currently occupied.

We are deeply touched by the sympathy and solidarity shown by Beiersdorf employees around the world, especially in Europe. As many of our colleagues in Ukraine have sought refuge, they have found support in the Beiersdorf family. Volunteering already takes place on the ground in many facets and the willingness to help has been overwhelming.

The €2 million immediate aid donation to our partners German Red Cross and CARE Deutschland e.V. was done in the name of the entire company and its people. Besides this, we – together with the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR – have set up a global donation platform. All Beiersdorf employees around the world are able to donate and provide financial support to the UNHCR programs which are focused on ensuring protection, sheltering and basic needs to Ukraine families affected by the crisis. 100,000 Euros have been donated by Beiersdorf employees through both the Beiersdorf Manufacturing Poznań (BMP) campaign directed towards our affiliate in Poland and our Beiersdorf global donation platform supporting emergency response to support people impacted by the war. Beiersdorf matched the donations raised by the employees resulting in a total donation amount of 200,000 Euros. 

In addition, at our headquarters in Hamburg, we have expanded our cooperation with the two German NGO’s innatura and Hanseatic Help (for the Hamburg region) for a targeted distribution of product donations. We have donated around 650,000 NIVEA, 8X4, Hidrofugal, Eucerin, Aquaphor and Hansaplast products so far across Europe.

On top of this humanitarian support, Beiersdorfers across Europe, but especially in Poland support refugees with in-kind donations and literally opened their homes to help in these difficult times. Our colleagues at BMP launched a grass root initiative and collect donations locally to support their colleagues in Ukraine. The donations, such as clothing, warm blankets, or food, are made available for pickup at their warehouse. NIVEA Polska and Beiersdorf Manufacturing Hamburg (BMH) joined the initiative and collect donations in kind at its own premises, which are then delivered to Poznan.

Once again, our thoughts are with the people in the region and with all our employees and their families.