Materiality Analysis 2014

We implemented a materiality analysis in cooperation with thinkstep in 2014, to identify and analyze the material themes for Beiersdorf. The focus was on our reporting based on the GRI G4 aspects.

The process included

  • a comprehensive online survey of our internal and external stakeholders,
  • in-depth interviews with external sustainability experts
  • internal workshops, in which the results of the surveys and interviews were discussed intensively.  

The online survey addressed both external and internal stakeholders – internationally and from various functions – to ensure the most representative results possible. We surveyed, among others, our staff, customers, suppliers, NPOs, associations and competitors. To validate and expand on the online survey, we followed on with exploratory interviews with external experts from the sustainability field. This work forms the basis for defining the reporting scope and analyzing the internal and external impacts of material aspects along our value chain, in subsequent internal workshops.  

The top 20 themes that are of key importance to our internal and external stakeholders with regard to managing our global environmental and social challenges, are depicted visually in this graph:


All further material aspects are:
EC: Economic Performance, Procurement Practices
EN: Emissions, Products and Services, Compliance, Transport, Overall
LA: Management/Labor Relations, Training and Education, Diversity and Equal Opportunity
HR: Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
SO: Supplier Assessment for Impacts on Society
PR: Product and Service Labeling, Compliance and Product Safety

Materiality Analysis 2011

We had already implemented a materiality analysis in 2011 for the development of our “We care.” sustainability strategy, to define the strategic framework and develop the indicators to enable us to measure our future performance. We identified questions and themes that are important to our stakeholders, involve global issues and contribute to long-term business success. The results of this analysis (matrix presentation) can be found here and in our Download section.