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Teamwork And Timelines - When ten heads are better than one

When the design team at Beiersdorf was tasked with coming up with new packaging for NIVEA Creme for Men they faced a number of challenges, most notably an extremely short development time. “A project like this would normally take at least a year longer than we had,” explains Klaus-Peter rod, the package developer for metal packaging. NIVEA brand expert, Peter Steidle added: “We couldn’t have achieved what we did in such a short period of time without an excellent team from different disciplines all pulling together.”

The blue and silver aluminium tin for NIVEA Creme for Men was recently awarded the German Packaging Award 2015 with judges praising not only the high quality of the tin, but the masculine details like the “distinctive imprint of the lid and the translucent printing.”
“The award is a wonderful acknowledgement for many months of focussed work,” says Klaus-Peter rod. But he and Peter Steidle are keen not to take all the credit for themselves. “We owe its success to the core team of ten people from different disciplines including formula development, supply chain management, marketing, quality assurance and the production site BMH (Beiersdorf Manufacturing Hamburg). By amalgamating our skills and knowledge, we were able to overcome so many challenges together.”