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Good morning, São Paulo!

As soon as you step through the door you know you’re in Beiersdorf territory. The new workspace for our 200 colleagues in Brazil is a world of blue and white, reflecting our corporate colours, complemented with warm wooden tones. While being thoroughly modern, the offices preserve a typical Brazilian charm with the integration of regional touches, like the Brazilian tiles in the kitchen and a historic desk from the first NIVEA office in Brazil.

But why at all a new office? The reason is the best one to have: due to successful local business and massive growth over the past few years the previous offices got simply too small.

“Moving to our new office has given us room to grow further over the next year and the possibility of additional expansion beyond that. We are very happy with our new office,” says Christian Goetz, General Manager of Beiersdorf.

One central goal of the new workspaces has been to promote collaboration and exchange among colleagues. At the same time integrated ‘Focus Rooms’ also offer the opportunity to step away for a confidential telephone call or conversation.


Our Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM) team in Hamburg acted as a consultant, helping Brazil´s Head Office Expansion Team align the development of workplace concepts, layout and colour planning as well as material and furniture selection.

As part of every single Beiersdorf project sustainability has been a fundamental quality criteria in the office planning itself.

The result: we are now applying for LEED Gold certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for our new office. This system provides independent, third-party verification that a building project is environmentally friendly, resource conserving and uses sustainable construction according to six main criteria: “sustainable location and connections”, “water efficiency”, “energy and atmosphere”, “materials and resources”, “comfort and interior climate” and “innovation and planning process.” We’ll keep you posted here on Beiersdorf Live!