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Blue remains blue

Recently, the Federal Supreme Court of Germany overturned a decision made by the Federal Patent Court, two years earlier, to delete our iconic colour trademark NIVEA Blue from the German trademark register. The case will now begin at the Federal Patent Court again.

“Since 1925, the color NIVEA Blue, as it is used on the legendary blue NIVEA Creme tins for example, has stood for the brand values of NIVEA: Trust, Closeness and Care. It is the “face” of the brand and the foundation for the global design language of NIVEA products,” says Board Member Ralph Gusko.

In the over 100-year history of the NIVEA brand the iconic blue has played a decisive role. In 1925, it was introduced by Juan Gregorio Clausen, Head of Advertising at Beiersdorf at the time, in order to adapt the design of the NIVEA Creme tin to the modern zeitgeist. The previous tin was still oriented on the Art Nouveau style popular at the turn of the century. Perhaps Clausen intuitively chose the colors of the sea and the sky because he was a former sailor. Today the entire global design of NIVEA is oriented on the blue brand identity, which offers very high recognition value.

Nive Cans

Consumers around the world associate the characteristic blue with the highest skin care competence. For this reason, Beiersdorf spares no efforts in protecting the iconic color image as well as all other brand and design rights.