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NIVEA Family Christmas Market

For the third year running our headquarters in Hamburg was transformed into the NIVEA Family Christmas Market for one day. This charity event, organised by our employees, is part of our global commitment to supporting and caring for families in need.

NIVEA Family Christmas Market turns Christmas shopping into a good deed!

Christmas is a timely reminder of the value of our families. But for many people across the world, the exchanging of presents and the time spent together can be financially and emotionally stressful. 

As part of our ‘NIVEA cares for family’ initiative we have made a global commitment to improve the lives of one million families – and we encourage all our employees to get involved.

In Hamburg, for example, colleagues were given time off from their busy days to create and bake goods to sell at our Christmas market. We had handmade Christmas cards, candles in NIVEA tins, personalized NIVEA tins, cakes, sweets, you name it.

Christmas at Beiersdorf

Over 2000 visitors came along to the market and every euro spent was shared between two local charities: “Hands for Kids”, which enables families with disabled children to enjoy a holiday together and "Chancen am FLUCHTort", which helps young refugees find work. Both charities came along to the market so visitors and employees had the chance to meet them, chat and ask questions.

In the run up to the big day we also invited employees to lay presents under our NIVEA Christmas tree at our Hamburg headquarters. These presents were then handed over by the kids of our in-house kindergarten to ToysCompany, who kindly distributed them to families who couldn’t afford to buy presents for their children.

To support the effort of our employees, Beiersdorf agreed to double the revenue made at the Christmas market and donate 10 euros to our partner charities for every present left under the tree.

Last year’s Christmas market raised a staggering 23.000 euro and, again, this was doubled by Beiersdorf. In the same year we were able to distribute over 800 presents to needy families.

‘NIVEA cares for family’ aims to strengthen families in three key areas: competencies for children, mothers’ empowerment and family time. We encourage all our employees, globally, to get involved in supporting their local communities. By operating at a local level, they can ensure the right help is offered where and when it is most needed. To date our charity events have supported 211.000 families in 29 countries.