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DUO condoms prized as “Best of the Best”

Did you know, Beiersdorf has sold premium condoms under the DUO brand in Greece, France, Columbia, Ecuador and Venezuela and with the brand name Harmony in Portugal for over 25 years? Not many people do. DUO may not be our biggest brand but it’s certainly making an impact in its markets.

How an intimate product can be positioned in a contemporary way without resorting to old clichés has been shown by our Greek team since the re-launch of DUO last year. We have deliberately steered away from well-known images of full-nude pictures, opting for more distinctive, stylish imagery.

For our new packaging design we recently picked up not one, but two design awards. First of all, we were delighted to win the “Best of the Best Red Dot Award 2015”, beating 17,000 ads from brands from 70 countries in one of the largest design competitions in the world. This was followed by the Gold Pentaward 2015 in the Body Category.
A notable duo of awards for DUO. How appropriate.

Condoms – modern business ways for a very traditional product

Not only the packaging got more modern, also the marketing and sales approach of condoms is about to change. “Up to now our DUO products are mainly sold in the mass market, however, E-Commerce increasingly becomes an important channel for this business”, explains Nele-Marie Bock, International Brand Manager Health Care. She adds: “The condom category with its teenager consumers is the perfect playground for us to experiment with E-Commerce and innovative Digital Marketing. Even though we are in the market for quite some time, we work with this business in an entrepreneurial Start-up-like approach." 

A good example for consumer-centric digital branding of DUO is the platform “”. Here, storytelling, entertainment and education is in the focus while product advertising remains in the background. An innovative concept that resonates well with the consumers and for which Beiersdorf Greece earned Social Media Awards.