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Great news for atopic dermatitis sufferers

The AtopiControl product range is effective in atopic dermatitis

Beiersdorf researchers have been working with the renowned Dermatological Clinic of the University of Lübeck to definitively prove the stabilizing effect of the active ingredients in the Eucerin AtopiControl range. 

The ingredient complex includes, amongst others, Licochalcone A from the licorice root, and omega-6 fatty acids from evening primrose oil and grape seed oil.

Using a completely new methodology, conducting an 84-day double-blind clinical study, adult volunteers with a history of mild to moderate atopic dermatitis were asked to apply either the AtopiControl lotion or the lotion base without the active ingredients. Participants were all symptom-free at the time. 

Neither the study participants nor the doctors knew which side was treated with the active formulation and which side with the active-free lotion base.

The results were outstanding

Compared to the lotion base, the AtopiControl lotion led to a significantly longer symptom-free interval until the next acute flare. So for the first time, we have been able to prove that the symptom-free interval in cases of atopic dermatitis can be extended by medical skin care actives.

This is great news for sufferers and for the Eucerin brand. Once again our research competence has increased our credibility with multipliers, doctors and pharmacists.

The study team (f.l.t.r.): Dr. Frank Rippke, Daniel Richter, Dr. Alexander Filbry, Stefanie Conzelmann, Development Dermo Cosmetics