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Welcome to ... Brazil!

2016 is a Brazilian year. The world turned its eyes on the country: The Olympic Games in Rio have contributed to putting its diverse culture as well as its challenges in the spotlight. Here in the land of the samba and caipirinha, Igor Oliveira lives and works. More specifically, in the metropolis of São Paulo, one of the world’s largest cities. In 2008, the 37-year-old started working in the HR department at Beiersdorf NIVEA Brasil. In our blog, Igor speaks about the Brazilian way of life, the challenges in his job and his favorite place to be.

Igor Oliveira talking to a colleague

Igor, what makes your home country Brazil and life there special?

Igor: The people! To me, Brazil is so fascinating because of its vitality. We Brazilians simply enjoy life. We are creative and relaxed but also proud of our cultural heritage: We love our music, our food and the ease with which we take on challenges. But there’s also another side. For example, the current corruption scandal in our government. It really saddens me … but at the same time, I firmly believe in our Brazilian sense of justice. You know, we Brazilians never give up!

That’s a very positive attitude – do you also take that to work?

Igor: Absolutely, I’d say yes! I like to take on responsibility. And I always want to see and understand the big picture. But: I also want to enjoy what I do.

So, what do you do – what’s your job at Beiersdorf NIVEA Brasil?

Igor: My job consists of two fields: I am responsible for implementing our sustainability strategy here in Brazil. This comprises environmental and social projects for our products and the company itself. Furthermore, I am responsible for Facilities & Services, for example, selecting and managing our business partners for duty travels and also our vehicle fleet. Every day presents new challenges, it never really becomes a routine! That’s great!

Igor Oliveira and the AACD in Brazil

What is the biggest challenge for you in your job?

Igor: To become one of the most socially engaged companies in Brazil! That is our goal. As part of our global initiative “NIVEA cares for family”, we aim to support 85,000 families in Brazil by 2020. In order to ensure sustainable social impact, we cooperate with two charitable organizations, i.e. Assistance Association for Disabled Child (AACD) and Plan International. Since 2013, we have already supported 34.7 thousand families. But our goal is not just quantitative. We really want to help people and, by doing so, contribute to building a better society. Furthermore, I am especially proud of our first Brazilian Sustainability Book 2015, which we just published.

Brazilians are considered to be very beauty-conscious, also among the low income households and even in times of crisis. Is that true?

Igor: That’s true. We Brazilians, and not only women but also men, put a lot of effort into our outward appearance. For Beiersdorf, of course, that’s a great starting point. We have about 200 colleagues here working to ensure that our brands NIVEA and Eucerin keep their top positions and continue to expand them.

The new Beiersdorf NIVEA office in São Paulo

With 200 employees, Beiersdorf NIVEA Brasil is one of the larger affiliates. Can you describe your work environment in a little more in detail?

Igor: We are very well organized in our wonderful new office in São Paulo. We have just moved here a few months ago. The atmosphere is very collaborative – I think the spontaneity of our colleagues contributes to that. And speaking of ‘Olympia’ – the aspect of Care gets the gold medal from us all year long! We really live this Beiersdorf Core Value every day.

Is there a place in your homeland that you especially like to visit?

Igor: As a true “Brasileiro”, I have a very close relationship with my family. Therefore, the place I like to be mostly, is where I live. Because here, I can meet with my family and friends and enjoy a great barbecue and caipirinha.

Igor, thanks for sharing this with us!