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Just don’t turn red!

NIVEA dolls Lotte and Max at the beach

Sunscreen is a must – especially for children’s tender skin. For this reason, NIVEA SUN began the summer in Germany with a different kind of educational campaign: with the dolls Lotte and Max, children learn in a fun way how important it is to protect their skin from the sun’s UV rays. What’s special about Lotte and Max? The dolls are made of a special kind of plastic that reacts to UV light. If you put them in the sun unprotected, they turn red and get a “sunburn.” But if their companions put sunscreen on them, the dolls’ skin doesn’t turn red. This way, even children understand that it’s important to protect yourself from the sun and to put on sunscreen. To bring awareness to the campaign, a stop-motion video with Lotte and Max was distributed over all the social media channels.

Ingo Tanger - Marketing Director at Beiersdorf in Germany
Children’s skin absolutely needs sunscreen because it is thinner than the skin of adults and reacts with great sensitivity to the sun’s radiation. At the same time, children often don’t like to have sunscreen put on them. With our sunscreen campaign and especially with the two dolls, Lotte and Max, we want to engage children in a playful way to show them how important sunscreen is.
Ingo Tanger, Marketing Director at Beiersdorf in Germany

NIVEA Dolls conquered Brazil

In June last year, the NIVEA Dolls – as they are called locally – were already presented in Brazil. The sunscreen campaign was developed and implemented for Beiersdorf NIVEA Brazil by a creative agency from São Paulo. With the unusual project, NIVEA as a brand creates a new emotional foundation winning over a younger generation as a future target group.

To kick off the campaign, the NIVEA Dolls in Brazil were given out to mothers and children age three and above on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Portrait Tatiana Ponce
It’s important to NIVEA to create benefits that go beyond skin care. We believe that the investment in educational measures is the best way to raise awareness for skin care. And that’s exactly what we wanted to achieve with the NIVEA Dolls – an innovative idea that reflects the values of NIVEA and that will help parents explain to their children the importance of sunscreen.
Tatiana Ponce, Marketing Director Beiersdorf NIVEA Brasil