#SentuhanIbu – An example of greater tolerance

Indonesians touching their hearts

Emotional and physical contact is fundamental to children’s development, as a sign of love and close attention, as a reassurance in moments of doubts and as countless daily gestures of support.

Under the motto ‘Sentuhan Ibu’, which translates as ‘a Mom’s Touch’, NIVEA Indonesia has launched an initiative to support mothers of handicapped children.

Mothers of handicapped children should receive special recognition. This isn’t a given in every country! For us, it was obvious that we have to set an example in this area.

Holger Welters, General Manager at Beiersdorf Indonesia, explains: “The program aims to strengthen these particularly challenged mothers and gives them the support they need, as they play a decisive role in their children’s development. Through ‘Sentuhan Ibu’ we are credibly underlining NIVEA’s emotional core values within a social context.”

Supporting Mothers in Indonesia

In collaboration with Kemuning Kembar, a psychology, education, health and culture institute, an 18-months advisory program was developed with the goal of educating these mothers in various workshops. Furthermore, the program gives the mothers an opportunity to communicate closely with each other about their personal situations.

The campaign video received almost 1 million clicks in only one month. It focuses on the Indonesian woman Siti and her daughter Nadila, who is lovingly accompanied and engaged throughout her – not always easy – daily routine.

“We are very proud of ‘Sentuhan Ibu’, as the campaign focuses on people here in Indonesia who normally receive very little support or recognition. With this campaign we want to set an example for greater tolerance”, explains Tomasz Schwarz, Marketing Director at Beiersdorf Indonesia.