World First Aid Day: Little hands, a big help

boy showing his finger with plaster

With a twisted ankle, a burnt finger or a bumped head – it’s important that even kids to know what to do in little emergencies. That’s why just in time for the World First Aid Day on September 10th, our colleagues from Hansaplast (better known in some countries as Elastoplast or Curitas) wanted to know how much basic first aid do children actually know? Together with the German Red Cross (DRK), they questioned over 1,000 girls and boys ages 6 to 14 about first aid in a representative study. The result: many children are real first aid heroes and already know exactly how to react to a serious accident. Over 60 percent of the kids were able to answer the questions correctly, while 6 of the 10 questions about 80 percent got right. So the little ones are in fact big heroes!

girl with first aid backpack

Anina-Shirin Lippmann, Brand Manager Plasters at Beiersdorf is excited about the positive results of the survey, but wants to go a step further: “We from Hansaplast, together with the German Red Cross, want to sensitize children to the subject of first aid and train 50,000 junior helpers nationwide (www.hansaplast.de/drk). Our survey shows that children can develop first aid knowledge very early on – and that’s what we want to promote under the motto 'No one is too small to be a helper'. As part of our engagement we are making children familiar with the subject in a playful way and ensuring that they can keep calm in an emergency and know what to do.”