Welcome to… Greece!

Two Beiersdorf Greece employees in front of Beiersdorf worldwide map
Foivos and Artemis from Beiersdorf Hellas

Beiersdorf Hellas is located in Gerakas, just about 20 km outside of Athens – one of the oldest cities in the world with a history of over 3,400 years. Compared to this, our Greek affiliate seems like a true youngster operating in Greece since 1968. And it is just this special blend of modern and ancient, of vibrant and familiar that characterizes the next stop of our “Welcome to”-series. Greece might be one of Beiersdorf’s smaller markets in Europe but it is a very dynamic and, above all, resilient one. The popularity of our products in Greece dates back as far as to the 1920s and is still rising high. A classic is not only the blue tin but also a small black box, the DUO condoms, for which Greece has been a key market for already over 25 years. Meet two of the some 90 Beiersdorf enthusiasts, Artemis and Foivos, and find out what makes Beiersdorf Hellas such a unique place to work at.

Watch the video about working at Beiersdorf Hellas from Foivos and Artemis here and learn about the modern and ancient influences in Athens.