Welcome to... Brazil! – Part II

We are on a visit to Brazil – the world’s fifth-largest country and eighth-largest economy. To be precise, we are in São Paulo, a city often described as the “Land of Drizzle” (“Terra da Garoa”) by Brazilians. Despite this nickname, our local Beiersdorf colleagues and hosts, Lilian Cruz and Fernando Ferroni, welcome us with broad smiles that impressively reflect the sunny disposition of the Brazilians. In a selfmade video, they happily explain the ins and outs of Brazilian culture and business: from the so-called “jeitinho brasileiro”, the ingenious Brazilian creativity, and the Brazilians’ favorite cocktail, to the risk-taking culture and innovative strengths of our Brazilian affiliate.

Join us on our trip, meet Lilian, Fernando and their colleagues on our visit to Beiersdorf in São Paulo.