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Welcome to… the Philippines!

“Hi, have you eaten?” – This is the first thing you are asked upon arrival at our local office in Manila. It sounds a bit odd when you first hear it, but we soon learn that there’s no need to respond with a detailed breakdown of what you had for breakfast. Our colleagues Katrina Khan from the Sales team and AJ Quiambao from the Brand Management team explain that “Kumain ka na ba?” – Filipino for “Have you eaten?” – is a typical greeting when Filipinos welcome guests. This friendly salutation is a reflection not only of the love of national food delicacies like mangoes, but also of the life-embracing Filipino mentality and cheerfulness. In this selfmade video, you have the opportunity to meet the young team working at the Beiersdorf affiliate in Manila, which was established as recently as in January 2014. We also get the chance to familiarize ourselves with the dynamics of the local skin care market, e.g. NIVEA Whitening products are an important part of the local business. Learn more about the country, its culture and the people working at one of the currently fastest-growing Beiersdorf affiliates in Far East. 

Join us on our trip and meet Katrina, AJ, and other colleagues in the local team on this visit to Beiersdorf in the Philippines. Tara na! (Let’s go!)