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Content Marketing @NIVEA – from Buzzword to Business

I am working in Content Marketing and nobody knows what I am doing
and I can’t even explain it.
Krog and Schapmann
Thorsten Schapmann (left) and Jasper Krog

MN – Content Marketing wants to be understood and that’s easier said than done. In Hamburg from February 27th to March 3rd social media and content marketing experts gathered at Social Media Week Hamburg and shared their knowledge with the approximately 3,000 participants at the digital conference. Our colleagues Jasper Krog, International Digital Content Strategist for NIVEA, and Thorsten Schapmann, Head of Digital Marketing NIVEA Germany joined the event as presenters on Content Marketing at NIVEA. Read my summary on their presentation and an interview with both of them here.

There’s much more to the spectrum of content marketing than just classic marketing. Next to targeted product and brand campaigns, information surrounding brand and product should be easy to find for consumers and questions should be answered through a dialogue with the brand. Not to be forgotten and a matter of great obligation and diligence is the preparation of extensive product information for all needs. Google calls this the “Hero-Hub-Hygiene” model, and NIVEA Digital works with it as well.

Hero Hub Content Marketing

A brief interview

Beiersdorf CCOE Logo

The name of your talk is “Content Marketing @NIVEA – from Buzzword to Business.” What’s the set up in Digital Marketing for preserving the buzz and in this case, communicating a “blue” through line?

Jasper Krog: “To sensitize people to the importance of content marketing we founded a Content Center of Excellence (CCOE) at Beiersdorf, which is a program that involves all the stakeholders and regularly provides input on the subject of content marketing. So for example, we introduce new trends and tools in trainings and publish a bimonthly newsletter about current digital trends that is sent to over 500 employees.”

What content works best?

Jasper Krog: “At the moment video content is clearly number 1. We produce about 35 educational videos annually that can also be used locally by the affiliates. The videos provide practical tips about skin and hair care and work really well. Furthermore, we create more than 350 search engine optimized texts each year in order to increase our reach and visibility on search engines worldwide as well as ensure a uniform brand appearance. However, especially Influencer Marketing will play a major role in the future, as this topic has a tremendous growth in almost all countries. Reaching a young target group we see as one of our biggest challenges we face over the next few years with activities such as in the field of Influencer Marketing.”

Our digital vision for NIVEA: To Be the Best-Connected Skincare Brand.
Thorsten Schapmann

How does a local market profit from CCOE?

Thorsten Schapmann: “A comprehensive content package is an essential basis for us of course, to record our channels. We profit from the global reach and at the same time achieve a cost and work savings for content production. Because we can quickly adapt texts, keywords and social media posts, we have more space for far reaching content ideas that can be tailored to the market. The globally defined key messages are the through line for us that we pick up and extend. “

And how do you identify locally relevant topics?

Thorsten Schapmann: “Various factors play a role in this: for, as well as our consumer magazine NIVEA für mich, for example, we have created our own newsroom – a kind of content workshop in our company where we work with our agency partners in direct exchange creating content – from text to image. So here we are our own publisher. “

And what content is the leader in Germany?

Thorsten Schapmann: “In the area of advisory content on skin care, which our consumers are actively looking for, we are a top performer with our offer and are already among the top 10 publishers on the net in relation to the Google search results pages. Besides this, it was surely the NIVEA Mother's Day spot from the Brand Excellence team. It was named the “most loved German ad”* on YouTube in 2016. The series of Mother’s and Father’s Day videos is really touching and communicates all the core values the brand NIVEA stands for. “

Thanks for the exciting insights!

*Unruly Award 2017

About the author: Melanie Neeven

Melanie has been working for Beiersdorf for five years and is a member of the Corporate Communications team for Branding, Engagement & Digital. After she started as a project manager for International Brands PR, she is now responsible for the global Intranet “BlueNet” and related digital projects – all with the eagerness to push Beiersdorf’s digitalization forward.

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