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How big data becomes smart at Beiersdorf

MB – Data is changing our daily life and business. Data plays a crucial part in the digital transformation we are living in right now and it is one crucial element of my job. It can be powerful, it can be nothing – all dependent on asking the right questions in advance. The massive amount of available data can certainly also be intimidating. But I am keen on making use of this huge business opportunity that lies within a data driven approach.

My team and I have implemented the so-called MIQ (Marketing Intelligence) system at Beiersdorf globally. It is a data platform for all marketing and sales managers around the globe that offers real time access to all relevant performance KPIs such as market share, promotion, distribution and media data, all per region, country, category and product. How we did that and how this looks like you can find out in my video below.

Martin Boehm – How big data becomes smart at Beiersdorf:

About the author: Martin Boehm

Martin is passionate about data and analytics. Responsible for Marketing/Sales Technology & Analytics, he and his team drive forward data based digital innovations that are relevant for Beiersdorf’s business on a global scale. He does this by fostering innovative and experimental project management processes – from setting up accelerator squads outside the offices to teaming up with industry partners and launching start-up like tasks forces. His creative mind, marketing and analytics know-how and aspiration for “getting innovative stuff done” also made him one of The Internationalist’s “The NEXT 50”, a group of selected marketing talents who help shaping the industry’s future.

Martin Boehm