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The Beauty of AI

Swen Clemann Linkedin

What significance does Artificial Intelligence (AI) have for skin care research? What will be the future role of AI when it comes to gaining new insights into specific skin care and individual skin ageing? How can new technology be used for new products and service offers for our consumers? Together with my team I work on AI and its use in everyday life.

Areas of technology such as Big Data or the Internet of Things (IoT) are currently making exponential progress that will fundamentally change the world of tomorrow. Many of those concepts are based on AI. They were therefore part of the “Korean Future Forum 2017” and presented to a plenum of politics, economy and science in Seoul on May 17th, organized by news channel news1 in cooperation with the UN Millennium Project and aired nationwide. As responsible for research into AI and IoT at Beiersdorf I was honored to be one of the speakers.

Artificial Intelligence is already a big part of our everyday life: search engines help us to filter hidden information from the internet, intelligent navigation and security systems help us when driving. And this is only the beginning. What significance does AI have for the research you do at Beiersdorf? How can you use smart technology for innovation and to open up new market segments? Understanding how our living conditions influence our body is an important matter for many scientists from a variety of disciplines. Here at Beiersdorf, we focus on the areas of skin care and skin ageing.

My team and I have been working for years on modern AI technology, the development of smart clothing, and the integration of different sources from the consumer’s everyday life – and therefore the use of the so-called Internet of Things (IoT). For this purpose, we have set up an interdisciplinary, international team and cooperation network with colleagues in the fields of biology, chemistry, astrophysics, computer science and engineering. Together, we develop different visions of the future. It was therefore a great pleasure for me to present our results as part of my speech “AI Beauty: experiments and visions in skin care” at the Korean Future Forum. You can find an extract of that presentation below.

Being a scientist who loves technology, it was extremely inspiring to learn from other participants how different disciplines come together to build a future across borders and to improve life for so many people. One challenge that will remain is eliminating people’s fear of the unknown and showing them the opportunities we have when we combine AI with human creativity. No one should be afraid of waking up in the matrix tomorrow.

About the author:

Sven Clemann is team leader at the Department of Applied Biophysics at Beiersdorf. He holds a degree in Applied Physics and has twenty years of R&D experience. Having seen many trends come and go, his team focuses on Artificial Intelligence, eTextiles, and IoT as the most promising new technologies that will change the future; getting closer to the daily life of the consumer and more importantly to his individual needs as a personal companion.