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Dr. Ruppert rocks 8x4 TV ad

Star Actor: Elisabeth Moshake, Frank Lehmbecka and Felix Bäuerle (from left to right.)

Dr. Ruppert rocks Japanese 8x4 TV ad

The “holy halls” of Beiersdorf Research became a film set in the middle of December, á la Hollywood. Where normally magnetic stirrers and Erlenmeyer flasks are the focus, at the end of last year, cameras and mics made their big appearance. The starring roles in the 30-second ad: Dr. Stephan Ruppert, Head of Global Product Development Deodorant, his team and the 8x4 WakiAse Roll-on Deodorant.”

Thumbs up for Dirk Scharle-Wolff on the set.

“Made in Germany” as a quality seal

A TV ad was filmed for the Japanese market in which Dr. Stephan Ruppert explains how the 8x4 WakiAse roll-on deodorant works and our expertise in research and development is perfectly staged. Because in the Land of the Rising Sun, German research is very highly regarded.

The film crew was just as impressed by the protagonists as Dr. Stephan Ruppert was by the 40-person film crew. “It was an exciting experience,” Ruppert says. “It is fascinating how professional and how detail-oriented the film people are.”

Even our global Research Director, Dr. May Shana’a didn’t miss the opportunity to visit her colleagues from R&D at their “side job” during the filming.

The whole team is in a good mood.

Deodorant available in Japan

Since March 1st, the video has been available on various online platforms. At the same time the new deodorant, which is adapted to the needs of the Japanese consumer, was on shelves locally.

“We are very excited to get the first results and are convinced that the Japanese audience will react positively to the video and the product,” says Masato Matsubayashi, NIVEA KAO’s President and General Manager, who initiated the Nippon shoot.

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