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More than just working on numbers – Finance goes BEYOND

Did you ever wonder what Finance people work on? Only numbers? The answer is definitely "no" – according to Dr. Jörg Diesfeld, VP Finance Pharmacy & Selective: “Finance is not just about figures. Finance transfers figure-based data into something that drives an action.” A good example of this approach is the Finance team for Derma, Health Care and Selective – also known as BEYOND. It shaped the organization and the setup of the new operating model from the beginning and drives it further with its energy and enthusiasm.

“In the end Finance is all about the question: How is this going to work?” summarizes Matheus Lima. And this question is more important than ever for the “Beyond” brands. The setup of new structures and the re-vitalization of business models is a unique chance – and new ideas and creative solutions always involve the financial part.  This makes the job exciting, demanding and very entrepreneurial. 

Are you curious now?

Last, but not least, finance is even about inspiring others “to surf the wave together”. Find out more in the video:   

About the editor: Ines Kandel

Ines is responsible for the communication around our Pharmacy and Selective Brands like Eucerin, Hansaplast and La Prairie within the Corporate Communications team. Prior to this task, she worked on various communication topics for Beiersdorf – including HR, Strategy, R&D and Finance – and became an expert in the area of Issues Management and Crisis Communication. In addition, she manages the network of our PR Managers worldwide. Just recently, she spend some months on a short term assignment at Beiersdorf in France – another great international experience.

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